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September 17 • 4pm EDT/8pm GMT

Happening Now

For our 30th birthday, Burt (live and in the beard)
will read fan messages to the bees. Maybe even yours!

Thank you for joining us
to celebrate our 30th birthday —
Burt and the Bees had a blast!

Use the Twitter/Facebook buttons below • Tag your message #burtsbeeday •
Change your Facebook post setting to Public • Voila, we've received your message

The party may be over, but no worries, it’s all recorded and about to be uploaded. Stay tuned!

The party may be over, but no worries, it’s all recorded so you can relive the entire celebration.

Watch the highlight reel below so you can relive the celebration.

Post w/ Twitter Post w/ Facebook By posting a message with #burtsbeeday, you consent to the transfer of your username, profile photo and message to Burt’s Bees and its vendors in the United States and to the display of this data on this website.

Burt, the Bees, and all their
natural antics go live in:

The Global Party In Progress:

The Global After party: